We develop custom and production communications and spectrum related software for Federal and non-Federal customers. Modern iterative software development methodologies, tools, and techniques are used to create both custom and robust enterprise capability.

COTS and robust, tailored solutions for your wireless communications and spectrum software needs.

Enhance Capacity

With our software offerings you can rapidly prototype and deliver operational capability, enhance wireless system performance, and create, through human-centered design and stakeholder engagement, tailored offerings to exact customer need.

Digital Transformation

Software products and services that help digitally transform your mission, project, or operations non-exhaustively spanning situational awareness, automation of communication system resources, spectrum/communication data structure modernization, spectrum workflow tools, and automated EMI analysis engines & EMI resolution, and much more.

Custom, Innovative Solutions

Custom software to fit your wireless communication or spectrum management need.

Enterprise Communications and Spectrum Software

We use modern iterative software design methodologies, tools, and techniques to meet stakeholder enterprise need for wireless communication system and electromagnetic spectrum services & business process capability. RKF’s enterprise communication solutions are capable of fusing and visualizing situational awareness, automating communication and spectral resource allocation, and integrating system elements and data. Our developed software products have helped unify disparate capability and advance overall system performance and capability, modernize customer spectrum workflow processes and tools, and offer forward leaning automated frequency coordination and frameworks for machine-to-machine EMI resolution. Our spectrum software offerings include the capability to perform interference analysis leveraging our electromagnetic environments models. Our software is developed with APIs for 3rd-parties to support ease of integration with other vendor software. We design and implement large-scale data models and databases to aggregate all relevant information from appropriate public, federal, or proprietary databases and centralize it for ease of management and access from user computers. In this way, we enable seamless coordination of data exchanges between the central databases and the client’s user base. Clients who are already using RKF’s spectrum software span across the United States and the world, from DoD entities to leaders of commercial industry.

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Modern Software Development Processes

RKF engineering uses today’s latest software tools and practices to solve tomorrow’s problems enabling our customers to succeed in fast-paced, software-driven markets. Our teams are organized around business capability and work closely with the customer to understand their needs and use cases. The designers empathize with the people affected by the challenge and work with them to understand the root cause of the challenge. By involving the people affected in the solution process and putting a focus on being flexible and adaptable we build the right product. To meet the need the team uses a continuous integration, continuous test, and continuous delivery solution to build, test, and release the software to the customer. These tools allow the team to build the product right. Agile project management and robust DevSecOps enable solutions that meet our customers’ needs ranging from cloud-native microservices, on-prem container deployments, or native/hybrid apps.