On the cutting edge of Wireless communications since 2001

Enhancing system capacity and promoting intersystem coexistence
for wireless technologies, from terrestrial to space.

RKF releases a report on Frequency Sharing Between Very Low Power RLAN Devices and Broadcast Central Receive Stations in the 6 GHz Band – read more or download the full report here!

Systems Engineering

Our end-to-end (E2E) systems engineering approach encompasses: Concept, Design, Development, Production, Integration, Test, Deployment, Utilization, Support, and Retirement. A deep understanding of customer needs and requirements is a critical part of the blueprint for each stage, generating better system definition right from the outset. RKF spans high concept and theory to operations and maintenance with a focus on solving challenges in specialized areas that fit the needs of our customers and augment capability.

Regulatory Services

Spectrum is a limited resource, and the environment is increasingly congested, contested, and constrained. With no unencumbered spectrum left, RKF is dedicated to the efficient use of this resource. Helping to establish policy, advocating for acquisition of spectrum or protection of incumbent spectrum, working with regulatory bodies nationally and internationally, and providing technical regulatory engineering expertise.

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Working on the cutting edge of wireless communication

Modeling & Simulation

Our expertise includes advanced communication systems, underlying physics, and time-based modeling & simulation required for operations in congested and contested environments.

Software Solutions

Our robust production software solutions enable optimized wireless system automated frequency coordination, space enterprise situational awareness and resource allocation, interference resolution, and much more.

Government & Defense

Our systems and wireless solutions enable government and defense organizations to accomplish mission critical goals.

Technical Due Diligence

Supporting M&A and banking & investment communities with transaction support in areas such as target acquisition technical assessment, evaluation of wireless and emerging technologies, and spectrum auction advisory services.