The Euroconsult Group and RKF Engineering Solutions are pleased to announce they have entered into a partnership agreement, combining Euroconsult’s industry leading strategic and operational consulting and research services with RKF’s innovative engineering solutions for communication networks and satellite systems. This collaboration will enable each of the independent entities to rely on the services portfolio of the other in order to bring added value to government and private sector clients alike.

Euroconsult Group’s vast range of consulting services to stakeholders in the high technology sector include market, policy, financial, regulatory and technical assessments, as well as satellite procurement support, construction monitoring and operations support. RKF is an industry leader in regulatory service and support, spectrum management, system engineering, and modeling and simulation for complex networks.

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Highlights from Current Projects


C-band Transition Cost Catalog

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), under Federal Supply Schedule 47QTCA19D0099, has retained RKF to provide an independent assessment to assist in the development of a Cost Category Schedule identifying the expected costs and possible challenges associated with implementing the transition of incumbents in the 3.7 GHz to 4.2 GHz spectrum band in support of their order in GN 18-122 “Expanding Flexible Use of the 3.7 to 4.2 GHz Band.”

Interested parties to this effort include space and earth station operators as well as Fixed Service operators. The effort delivers a robust, programmatic solution for establishing a range of compensable costs including equipment, engineering, site management, and FCC fees, and handles variations that may occur based on the types of stations involved, their geographic locations, applicable deadlines, and risk management.

FCC Releases Final C-Band Transition Cost Catalog
FCC Releases Lump Sum Public Notice Supported by RKF


Mobile Service Provider Project + Others
RKF is working on multiple projects supporting the Defense Information Systems Agency's Defense Spectrum Organization as both a prime and a subcontractor. We provide electromagnetic systems support and subject matter expertise to the DSO to help assess their available spectrum sharing opportunities and assure industry compliance to spectral regulations primarily for RF activities within the United States. RKF plays a key role in performing electromagnetic environmental assessments of mobile service providers seeking to operate on federal property.


Coalition RLANs in the 6 GHz Band
In 2018, RKF released a report to the FCC based on an independent assessment of nationwide deployment of RLANs in the 6 GHz band for a broad coalition of mobile service providers, semiconductor manufacturers, content providers, and networking equipment manufacturers. In April of this year, the FCC made their ruling unlocking 1200 MHz of spectrum for RLAN/WiFi use - In the Matter of Unlicensed Use of the 6 GHz Band Expanding Flexible Use in Mid-Band Spectrum Between 3.7 and 24 GHz.

On June 29, 2020, we filed a new report showing that Very Low Power (VLP) devices could be widely deployed in those same bands, Portable devices, the subject of this study, will expand innovation even further and will be critical for supporting indoor and outdoor portable use cases such as wearable peripherals, including augmented reality/virtual reality, as well as in-vehicle applications and other personal-area-network applications.