RKF was founded in 2001 by Phil Rubin, Ted Kaplan, and Jeff Freedman. Our headquarters is located in Bethesda, MD within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

our mission

RKF is a boutique firm of engineers and scientists focused on developing innovative engineering solutions enabling wireless communications. We are a key pillar for numerous government and commercial clients around the world, providing critical regulatory, advocacy, systems engineering, and software development expertise and capabilities. Throughout our history, we have worked extensively on a wide variety of cutting-edge communications systems ranging from satellites to terrestrial networks to high-altitude platforms. Today, we continue that work alongside the leaders of the wireless communications industry.

our history

  • RKF Engineering is Founded

    Phil Rubin, Ted Kaplan, and Jeffrey Freedman found RKF Engineering, a small business of engineers and scientists focused on developing advanced engineering solutions for long-range wireless communications. Over the next 17 years, RKF builds a reputation as an innovator in a wide variety of cutting-edge communications systems ranging from satellites to terrestrial networks to high-altitude platforms.

  • The Future is Envisioned

    RKF Engineering begins developing satellite payload resource management and optimization solutions, foretelling the future of satellite communication networks.

  • RKF Engineering Founds Kythera Space Solutions

    RKF officially spins out Kythera Space Solutions to focus on advancing software solutions for designing, optimizing, and managing next-generation communication satellites and networks.

  • Euroconsult Group & RKF Engineering Solutions Announce Partnership Agreement

    The Euroconsult Group and RKF Engineering Solutions announce a partnership agreement, combining Euroconsult’s industry leading strategic and operational consulting and research services with RKF’s innovative engineering solutions for communication networks and satellite systems.

  • Very Low Power (VLP) Report Released

    On June 29, 2020, we filed a new report showing that Very Low Power (VLP) devices could be widely deployed in those same bands, Portable devices, the subject of this study, will expand innovation even further and will be critical for supporting indoor and outdoor portable use cases such as wearable peripherals, including augmented reality/virtual reality, as well as in-vehicle applications and other personal-area-network applications.

the partners

Mr. Kaplan is RKF’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Systems Engineer and is a communications engineer with over 35 years of experience providing expertise in both satellite and terrestrial communications. In 2001, Mr. Kaplan helped found RKF. Since then, Mr. Kaplan has provided system engineering, analysis and regulatory support to numerous clients. In 2018, Mr. Kaplan became the CEO of RKF overseeing operations and business activities.

Dr. Freedman is RKF’s Chief Technical Officer where he provides technical vision and direction for the company. , In 2001, he helped found RKF. As CTO, Dr. Freedman oversees technical analyses, the development of technologies and software product designs. Dr. Freedman leads RKF’s efforts in designing satellite systems, software systems, communication networks and supporting technologies.

Dr. Freedman has led development efforts for several national award winning software packages including “CAGE” which won the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center GSFC Software Of The Year Award, and “3d Choreographer” which won Windows Magazine’s Win 100 Award. Dr. Freedman has authored over 70 patent applications in the field of satellite payload design, satellite resource management software and telecommunication architectures.

Mr. Marshack is RKF’s Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for business and corporate development and leadership for all company projects.

With over 25 years of experience in telecommunications and emerging technology, Mr. Marshack specializes in bridging technologists and executives. As a Strategic advisor to an array of companies across the Satellite, Telecom, and Defense sectors as well as the Venture, Banking and Hedge communities. Mr. Marshack provides regulatory advice on US and International matters to companies around the globe.

Dr. Milliner is responsible for Engineering, Management and Corporate Development with a primary focus on the Federal market where he oversees all prime contractor and subcontractor activities. Dr. Milliner has over ten years of technical experience in telecommunications theory and practice specializing in spectrum management, RF communications & Aerospace/Defense. Dr. Milliner holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from MIT and a Ph.D. from the Communication Theory Research Group at Georgia Tech where he was a President’s Fellowship Recipient.

Mr. Rubin’s extensive professional career of over fifty years has focused primarily on satellite communications and has been diversified in scope and achievements. He served as the ITU’s first satellite expert and was responsible for building the Center of Research and Training in Satellite Communications in India in 1965. Mr. Rubin is in the Society of Satellite Professionals International Hall of Fame and an IEEE Centennial Medial Recipient and Life Fellow. Starting in 1970 Mr. Rubin served as the Director of Engineering and Chief Scientist for public broadcasting for over 13 years during the birth of NPR and the expansion of PBS to a satellite-based interconnection system. In 1984 he helped found the first private commercial satellite company, PanAmSat, where he was responsible for PanAmSat’s engineering as Chief Scientist for 17 years. Following PanAmSat, Mr Rubin helped found RKF and acted a President until his retirement in 2018. Phil passed away in 2021, but his legacy lives on at RKF.

the management

Jeff Moody is RKF’s Finance and Accounting Director and is responsible for oversight of all of the company’s financial and accounting systems and teams.

Mr. Moody has over 15 years of Accounting and Finance experience in industries ranging from automotive, government contracting, manufacturing, and retail. He has led teams at large international organizations, midsize companies, and small startup businesses to ensure their finance and accounting systems are secure, accurate, and meet the needs of the company leaders’ goals and expectations.

Mary Millholland serves as Human Resource Director.for RKF Engineering Solutions, She is responsible for oversight of all human resource functions to include; HR, consulting, business operations, and talent development for the company.

Mary has 25 years of Human Resource experience with a concentration on the government contracting arena.

Amber Young manages the Spectrum Regulatory team – overseeing the development of tools and techniques related to telecommunication initiatives. While leveraging her engineering/analytical background, she provides policy support on numerous spectrum repurposing projects at RKF. Seasoned in stakeholder engagement known to the Federal Communication Commission, National Telecommunication and Information Administration, and Department of Defense, Ms. Young’s expertise ranges from government to commercial consulting to manage the needs of multiple stakeholders while ensuring client satisfaction.

our Customers

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